300008 LM10

Blockchain based voting LM10 or CR7?

Calculation is based on Ethereum smart contracts. Min voting price 0.01 ETH & max 1 ETH

Rate 0.01ETH = 1 LM10/CR7

terms & conditions

300001 CR7


This is Ethereum blockchain based voting. The real - decentralized results... Only crypto currency rate & decentralized voting could show which player have more fans.


Our Goal

Creating easily predictable currency
depending on the appearance of the players

Our goal is to widely publicize this voting and these tokens to the public, in order to bring fans into crypto world and find out which player is more popular in current time.

We want to create a currency that will be easily predicted and based on football events. Also we think that this idea will attract a lot of people (who interested in sports) into the crypto world.

Our vision logo

This is just a simple voting now. The results of this voting are stored in the blockchain, so they will last for a long time. After your participation in the voting, you immediately will receive tokens that currently have only a symbolic value, but we believe that they will go to the exchanges once.

We have a vision to create value for these voting tokens. And that particular value will match the popularity of the players at the given moment. Hopefully, value will rise and fall due to all understandable reasons, as opposed to current currencies. For example, it will be depends due to the number of goals scored or injuries by the player. In this way, it will be possible to conclude that one player is superior to another.


Immediately after voting you will receive tokens depends on your vote. LM10 or CR7. These tokens are the proof that you have voted for your favorite player and one day they should earn you some money.


Total supply

only 1 mln. LM10

Owners & bounty cap

300 000 LM10 (30%)


The decimals is 18

Token address



Total supply

only 1 mln. CR7

Owners & bounty cap

300 000 CR7 (30%)


The decimals is 18

Token address



Affiliate system

Here you could register your wallet and get your affiliation link. Also place you wallet here ir you already have registered and you will be able to check your statistics.

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